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View Article  Triple Text Translations Website Update

I have updated the Triple Text Translations website. The Spanish version will go up soon as well.

Have a look and please let me know what you think. Comments, questions, and constructive criticism are welcome.

View Article  Alchemy CATALYST 8.0 - Introduction


Yesterday, I attended the webinar Alchemy CATALYST 8.0 – Introduction run by Laurent Adgie

It was mainly presented with localisation engineers in mind rather than translators as such. The webinar basically covered how the localisation engineer could prepare the project files before sending them out to the translators who are then able to use the translators' light edition - - to translate the files.

To use the light edition the localisation engineer needs to prepare a ttk container project file (ttk) for the translators. As part of the preparation source code and trade mark terms can be protected or the current project can be leveraged against a previous translation, thus providing translation memories, glossaries, and pre-translated segments for the translator. The translator is then able to work on it in visual mode with said TMs and glossaries for .exe and html files or in string more for any other of the 180 available formats.

Alchemy CATALYST 8.0 also comes with an easy type function - aka auto complete - using suggestions from the glossaries. Should you not like the provided suggestion you simply continue typing thus ignoring it.

Any segments with validation issues, formatting etc., will be marked with a little !-flag once the translator has closed the segment. Now it is up to the translator whether he prefers to rectify the issue immediately or whether he wants to continue translating and deal with the validation issues afterwards. I generally prefer the latter method. As the first one interrupts my creative flow, but I don't tend to wait until the translation is completed, but rather until I need a moment to capture an idea. One's subconscious is a brilliant thing after all, while I concentrate on a formatting issue it continues thinking about the actual translation issue and if I am really lucky the solution becomes utterly obvious when I return to the translation at hand.

Alchemy CATALYST 8.0 also uses the Office spell checker including any customisation you might have applied. You can also create your own personal glossary while translating and use machine translation hits, which as ever should be reviewed and possibly rejected.

Once the translator has returned the translated files, the localisation engineer validates it from the technical point of view e.g. hotkeys and formatting information such as inline tags, resizing dialogue boxes. Finally, the responsible person signs everything off and generates the target files.


[Date: 9th September 2010; Source: Alchemy Catalyst 8.0 – Introduction webinar run by Laurent Adgie]

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View Article  Wordfast Anywhere New Release

Wordfast Anywhere 1.2.3 was released on 5 September 2010, see

[Date: 07. September 2010; Source:]

View Article  Übersetzungssuche Linguee jetzt auch in Englisch-Spanisch, Englisch-Französisch und Englisch-Portugiesisch

Die Linguee steht jetzt auch für die Sprachkombinationen Englisch-Spanisch (, Englisch-Französisch ( sowie Englisch-Portugiesisch ( zur Verfügung. Stand: 12 August 2010; Quelle:

View Article  Triple-Text-Translations Live
The Triple Text Translations website has gone live.