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German Audio Transcription Services


Triple Text Translation charges transcriptions per audio minute, not per hour needed to transcribe the audio file. This way you as client know exactly what to expect once the price per audio minute has been agreed up on. From experience the transcription of an audio minute can take from 5 to 15 minutes transcribing time, with a maximum of 40 audio minutes per working day.

Triple Text Translations will only confirm the final audio transcription price once the quality of the audio file has been established. Please consult our transcription price list for further pricing details.

If you require an audio transcription to be translated, the translation will be considered an individual project. Please consult our translation price list for further translation pricing information. Experience shows that average word count transcribed per audio minute ranges between 100 and 140 words. Therefore, it is quite likely that any transcript needing to be translated qualifies for a volume discount of up to 5 %, which Triple Text Translation generally applies to any source text with more than 10000 words. Please contact Triple Text Translations to discuss the possibility of a volume discount.

Triple Text Translations has previous experience in medical transcriptions, for example, interviews of medical staff regarding the introduction of a new drug or current procedures before introduction of a new process as well as transcription of customer opinion polls before redeveloping a currently supplied product, or employee surveys undertaken by management consultancies or research institutes as well as cultural interviews.

Triple Text Translations also offers the transcription of handwritten documents, for example customer or employee surveys.

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