Triple Text Translations

Triple Text Translations


Case Study: Marsolutions : English to German Security Translations


Marsolutions is a translation agency specialising in services for the security industry.

I have been cooperating with Marsolutions as a native German technical translator since 2010 and provide English to German press release translations for them on an almost weekly basis. Other projects for Marsolutions include English to German website translations, but also German proofreading of previously translated texts.

Customer Testimonial: Marsolutions

"Peggy has been an outstanding professional and reliable translator for Marsolutions. She has supported us not only with her excellent quality translations but also as very important member of our work team. She is always willing to share her experience and knowledge with us and with other colleagues in order to improve and develop different tasks and projects.

Her vast technical knowledge has helped us deliver accurate translations for the Security Industry; she is very efficient, flexible and offers a very fast turnaround. Peggy is now part of our team, because she follows our professional ethics and more important she brings to our company what we look for in the people we work with, the personal and kind touch that we believe makes all the difference."

Beatriz Tennent
Customer Relations Director for Marsolutions Ltd. UK and Spain.

Does the above English to German security translation project sound similar to what you have in mind as your next language project. Then please contact me for a project specific order estimate.

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